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dorky dorkiness with extra dork

Delicious is a clever combination of my husband's and my last name - let's just say he provided the "de" and I contributed the "licious". I'm not a writer, I'm an engineer. Technical lab reports and short notes on plans are the only things I'm qualified to compose. Complete sentences, maybe. Impeccable grammar, definitely not.

I grew up in the northern midwest, which I loved, and went to a university even further north, which I loved even more. I moved to northern new england directly after graduating and I hated it at first because I thought the people were cold and unfriendly. I don't think that any more, either because all of my friends are other transplants or because I am becoming cold and unfriendly.


running, my dogs, canoeing, bicycling, volleyball; travel - anywhere but resorts and hotels; cooking for my friends; decorating things; television - 30 rock, ncis, battlestar galactica; maps (i am obsessed with maps and could look at them and study them all day); reading - chick lit and political satire.